Dad's Latest Project

Dad's Latest Project

I picked up an fairly well maintained 1973 Chevrolet Corvette in July of 2016. Call it my mid-life crisis. I will try to keep a visual record of the restoration.

Blue 1973 Corvette - side view

The body is pretty clean with no stress fractures. The last paint job could have been done a little better and whoever put it back together after the paint job must have been in a real hurry.

Alignment of the few body components is pretty crappy. Its pretty easy to see the spacing on the right door get bigger as you move up the door, though some of that is due to ovaled out hinge pins / bushings.

Leaf spring

Poor girl needed a new leaf in the rear suspension. She was bottoming out on every crack in the road.

I tried this one by myself but ultimately needed to call Fred over for the extra set of hands.

Next up is new shocks.

Wing mirror

Yes, those are the correct wing mirrors for a 73. No idea where the extra hole came from. Just one more thing to fix.

Door panel

The door panels are actually pretty clean for 43 year old panels. The problem is the idiot that owned the car before me didn't want to fix the dash speakers so he cut holes in the doors and added new speakers. SMH!

Unfortunately, my 1973 Blue Corvette has met with a sad ending. The headlight switch caught fire in early September and burned up part of the dash. It really wasn't that much damage but a wiring harness is an expensive fix and the insurance company wasn't willing to repair the old girl.

The problem is I kind of like the old vette. So I looked for another one. Here's a sneak peek at the next project.

Canary Yellow 1973 Corvette - Front 45 degree view

Yes, shes another 1973 Corvette. This one is Canary Yellow with black interior.

Canary Yellow 1973 Corvette - side view

Body and suspension are in pretty good shape. The interior is in really good shape. And the engine is clean and runs well. All in all a good find.

Canary Yellow 1973 Corvette - rear 45 degree view

She needs a new poly front bumper. They are prone to cracking on this vintage of vette. Once the bumper is replaced, the old girl NEEDS some new paint.