Purchased from a retired gentalmen in central Michigan


Roxie is a Canary Yellow 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Her exterior was in pretty good shape with a couple paint chips, some cracks in the poly front bumper, and a really clean undercarriage.

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Roxie's numbers


Roxie came with a late 70's GM 350 small block, Muncie 4 speed manual transmission, 3.73 rear end, power steering, power windows, and factory AC (that still worked).

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First Update

8.11.2017 - 11.16.19

I had already started the work to upgrade a number of her systems when the engine crapped out. So the first real update was Roxie's heart. The 2nd gen small block and Muncie Rock Crusher were replaced with a beefed up 2016 LS3 with lots of upgrades. The trans was upgraded to a Tremec 5 speed manual trans. I was told it would push 500 horse once we toned it down a bit.

So why so long for just an engine

As you can tell, there was a lot of down time between when this started and when I got it back. Over 2 full years. Well, we had some issues with the machine shop owner that nearly lead to legal action. His work came with some pretty high praise, though his work ethics and a general understanding of delivery times left a lot to be desired. Needless to say, I would NOT recommend or use him again.

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While she was down for engine work

8.11.2017 - Present

As the last Vette I had caught fire due to old wiring, I gutted the interior of the car and started over. Upgrades included...
A complete rewire - American Autowire - Highway 22 Full Vehicle Wiring Kit
I added relays for high draw accessories like lights, windows, radio, etc.
Lizard skin & Boom mat (noize / thermal barrier) - yes both. floor, firewall, and part of door panels
Dakota Digital gauge cluster (All gauges moved to main gauges)
Upgraded motors on power windows
Vintage Air - Modern HVAC system
New brakes / lines all the way around
Various suspension updates (she is 47 years old)

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Pending work


Currently, Roxie as at home recovering from her engine / trans transplants. I have just about finsihed her wiring. The HVAC is going in now. Interior is getting put back together. And we are prepping her to head up to the muffler shop as she only has about 2 feet of exhaust with the cheapest mufflers we could find to bring her home. In short, she is LOUD. I will update the page as things change.

Upcoming updates / Wish List

Full exhaust - Full length, custom bend, dual 2.25"
Modern Radio - TBD
Steering Wheel upgrade - Tilt / telescopic
New rims / tires