Welcome to our little corner of the web.

Just some of the things happening at the Parisek house...

Welcome to our little corner of the web.


The Parisek family, well our little part of it anyway, started in 1993 when I married Kim Hogan. We had been dating on and off for more than 4 years by that point. (That means she was well aquainted with ordering me around and had a firm understanding of what buttons to push when she wanted something done.) We spent the next 12 years figuring out that we weren't kids anymore and then decided to have a few of our own. OK, a little (read: a lot) prodding from Nana Hogan probably had something to do with it.

Leslie Parisek

Father, US Marine, Engineer

Les is the patriarch of the Parisek clan. He's a tinkerer by nature and has been known to break a thing or two just to see if he can figure out how it works. He enjoys engineering, various artistic mediums, a good book or two or ten, and PC gaming. He has a bit of a passion for old cars, especially cars around his age.

Kim Parisek

Mother, Financial Analyst, Asset Manager

Kim is the matriach of the Parisek clan, which means she wears the pants in the Parisek house. She enjoys vacationing in caribbean locals for the heat, equatorial sun, and warm, clear water. A sucker for a good spy or romantic movie. Her side hobbies include running, dōTERRA, and pushing Les' buttons.

Sophia Parisek

High School Student, Gymnist, competitive Diver, avid Reader, and occasional Gamer

Sophia is the eldest of the Parisek children. She enjoys participating and/or watching various sports. Her current hobbies include gymnastics, diving, swimming, riding horses, running, snorkling, reading, listening to music, and playing the occasional video game (iPad, Wii, XBox One, PC, etc).

Chloe Parisek

Jr High Student, Volleyball, Science Olympiad, Gamer, Trouble Maker

Chloe is the youngest of the Parisek children. She enjoys volleyball or watching various sports on the telly. For her age, she has a knack for using computers or other computing devices. She spends about equal time watching TV as she does YouTube. She enjoys gaming, a lot. (DON'T get me started on Minecraft)


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